How Do You Know if Your Car Tyres Are on Their Way Out?

Because your tyres connect your vehicle to the road, keeping them in good condition is critical not only for the performance and reliability of your vehicle, but also for your safety.

More than 41,500 people broke down in 2021 as a result of tyre issues—that is over 20% of all breakdowns. You can also fail your MOT if your tyres don’t meet the legal criteria.

Aside from performing regular tyre maintenance checks, here are some warning signs that your tyres are worn and should be replaced.

When should you replace car tyres?

  • Check your tread depth – especially before long journeys

The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm. You can measure tread depth yourself or, if your car has tread wear indicators and you see that the tread depth has reached the level of the bars, then the tread depth will have reached its legal limit.

The recommendation for changing tyres used to be between 2 – 3mm. However, that is now a matter of personal preference and tyre quality.

  • Signs of damage

If there are any signs of damage, such as from a puncture, that can’t be easily repaired, you should get your tyre replaced.

  • How many miles or years?

Manufacturers recommend that the average tyre will last around 25,000 miles, or  10 years if you don’t drive much.

If you’re looking for a reliable tyre fitting service in Peterborough, Vital Vehicle Care can help. Contact us today to get your no-obligation quote.

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