Can I Drive With an Expired MOT?

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The MOT test is going nowhere. Since it was first created way back in 1960, it’s been a permanent fixture here in Britain. Its role is to test the safety and overall health of a vehicle, aiming to reduce road accidents and keep motorists, cyclists and pedestrians safer on the streets.

Although it has a noble aim, it’s an added cost that many motorists don’t want to pay. If you’re planning on getting rid of your car soon – or simply want to wait until payday to put it through its MOT – can you drive around with an expired certificate?

The Verdict

In a word, no. If your vehicle’s MOT has expired – no matter whether it’s a van, motorcycle, car or anything in between – driving it on the public road is an offence. If you’re caught, you could be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000. 

You’re not even allowed to park your vehicle on a public road with an expired MOT. Although you’re less likely to be prosecuted for this, it’s still illegal: every car using the road (parked or not) must be taxed and tested. 

Although it’s illegal to drive your vehicle without an MOT in the vast majority of cases, there are a handful of exceptions.

The exceptions

You won’t fall foul of the law if…

  • You’re driving your vehicle to a garage to be repaired, if it’s previously failed its MOT test or the test has expired
  • You’re driving your vehicle to a pre-booked MOT test

It’s important to note that, in either case, you will need to be able to prove you’re travelling to a pre-booked appointment if you’re pulled over. So, if you plan to drive your vehicle without an MOT to get it fixed, make sure you get confirmation of your booking beforehand.

The only other exception is for newer vehicles; vehicles less than three years old don’t have to be tested, so you’ll be able to drive around without an MOT until the third anniversary of its registration.

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