Avoiding A Vehicle Breakdown Might Be Easier Than You Think

car breakdown

Breakdowns are a headache for any motorist. Some car glitches are unavoidable, but others can be prevented. It’s easier than you think, too. Just follow the tried and tested advice in our guide.

Review your driving habits

Harsh braking and riding the clutch are both driving habits that are easy to fall into, but best avoided. They can wear down your brake pads, discs and clutch.

Don’t ignore the dashboard warnings

Had a dashboard warning light for a while? Even if it’s an amber rather than red alert, it still shouldn’t go ignored. Get it checked out and then you can drive with confidence.

Check your engine oil

Oil acts as a lubricant and prevents your engine from overheating. If your engine oil drops below a certain point, this can wreak havoc on your car.

Check your tyres before long journeys

Tyre issues are the biggest cause of breakdowns in the UK, that’s according to National Highways. It pays to check that your tyres are sufficiently inflated and that you have enough tread depth. It could save you joining the 19,300 motorists that have been hit by tyre problems on the road so far this year.

Going the distance checks

If you’re trekking up the motorway for a road trip, holiday or to catch-up with long-distance friends and family, remember to do the essential car checks. This includes tyres, engine oil, etc.

Don’t neglect your services

A car service should be scheduled every year. It’s not compulsory, but a car mechanic could identify any issues and potentially save you the agro of breaking down.

Book your full car service in Peterborough today with Vital Vehicle Care. We’re approved by Trust My Garage and our professional team is here to help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns so you can drive with confidence.

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