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When it comes to common failure points on cars of all makes and models, exhaust systems rank highly. Exposed to the worst of the elements (and road salt during the winter), they tend to corrode and wear more rapidly than pretty much any other component – aside from consumables like brakes and tyres, of course.

Not to worry, though. Exhaust repair needn’t cost the Earth. Here at Vital Vehicle Care, our experienced technicians are able to carry out exhaust repair and replacement services on practically any vehicle. Whether you drive a Ford or a Ferrari, our team will repair your exhaust in no time – and for a price that you can afford.

Learn more about our services below or call us now to request a quote and book in your vehicle with our exhaust repair Peterborough team.

Signs That Your Exhaust Has Failed

It’s often hard to know when your car has gone wrong unless you’re really paying close attention, but exhaust systems are generally quite vocal at letting you know when they’re on their last legs (or hangers!). And if that’s the case, it’s time to get your exhaust fixed.

Common signs that your exhaust system is in disrepair include:

  • Your engine sounding louder
  • Your vehicle failing the emissions test on an MOT test
  • Your vehicle’s performance dropping off slightly
  • Your fuel consumption increasing
  • The smell of fumes in the cabin or from behind the vehicle
  • The position or height of your exhaust changing in relation to the rear bumper

If your car is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, get in touch with a trusted car mechanic based in Peterborough today.

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Why Do Exhaust Systems Fail?

There are a number of individual components that, together, make up your car’s exhaust system. The main exhaust pipe itself is typically manufactured from mild steel, which will eventually begin to rust away over time – particularly if you drive your car a lot during winter when there’s salt on the roads. If the rust gets bad enough, you’ll eventually end up with a hole in your exhaust, signified by a louder tone from your engine!

Some vehicles use gaskets to join each section of the pipe together, and these too can eventually corrode, leaving an opening in between two sections of the pipe. Again, you’ll be able to tell that something is wrong by the sound of the engine. Leaks in gaskets can sometimes result in the smell of fumes wafting into the cabin, too.

Most exhaust systems are secured to the vehicle by rubber exhaust hangers. Time and mileage can take its toll on these, eventually resulting in them perishing and falling off the car.

If you’d like to get your car’s exhaust system checked over, speak to us and our exhaust repair specialists today.

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Why Choose Vital Vehicle Care?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Vital Vehicle Care for car servicing in Peterborough. Here are just a few:

  • Approved by Trust My Garage
  • A 5* Rated Service
  • More than 20 years’ experience getting cars back on the road
  • One of the most competitively-priced garages in Peterborough
  • Highly trained car mechanics with a strong customer focus
  • All parts are guaranteed for 12 months

We’re easy to reach, too. Based just a stone’s throw from the River Nene in the heart of Peterborough, our workshop is located off Oundle Road. If you’re based outside of the city, we can be easily reached via the A1, the A47 or the A15.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does exhaust repair and replacement cost?

Costs will vary depending on how and where the exhaust has failed. For example, a replacement exhaust hanger could cost just a few pounds – but a new catalytic converter could cost hundreds.

Is it important to get my exhaust fixed?

A car’s exhaust system really is an important component. If you have a hole in your exhaust or a leaky gasket, your car’s performance and fuel economy will suffer. Plus, your vehicle will likely produce a higher volume of carbon emissions – enough for it to fail its next MOT. It’s best to get your exhaust repaired as soon as you can.

How long does it take for an exhaust repair specialist to fix an exhaust?

This depends once again on the nature of the work that’s required. However, even a full exhaust replacement can usually be carried out in a single day, provided the required parts are available.

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