What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done On a Car?

What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done On a Car?

If you want your car to stay on top form and keep performing at its optimum, it’s important to perform regular maintenance checks. We’re outlining a helpful checklist of parts that need regular maintenance in our guide. These simple hacks will help keep your car healthy – and help you pass your MOT.

Check your tyres

To minimise the risk of getting a flat tyre, you should check your tyres before going on a long distance drive. The legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm. As for tyre pressure, your tyres should be inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure there are no cuts, bulges or items that could cause a puncture, such as bits of glass.

Remember to get your car serviced

Getting your car serviced at least once a year or in line with your mileage is important. Not only will it help keep your car healthy, it will also make it easier to sell-on in future.

Check engine oil

Ensure your oil level is between the minimum and maximum mark on your car’s dipstick. Never let your engine oil run out! This could cause major engine problems, which will cost you a lot more than a small top-up of oil every now and then. Make sure you don’t overfill either, as this could do just as much damage.

Check lights and indicators

Again, if you’re heading off on a long journey, or you’ve got an MOT test due, it can be worth checking that all your lights are in good working order.

Check for bodywork defects

It’s worth checking the bodywork over every once in a while for any signs of rust. If left unchecked, rust can get out of hand and leave you with an expensive repair bill.

Wash your car

Washing your car will ensure a build up of dust and grime won’t start to affect the paintwork. It will also keep your number plates, mirrors and windows squeaky clean for improved visibility.

Check your horn

The horn is important to alert other drivers of your presence. Particularly useful for narrow, windy country lanes, if you haven’t used the horn in a while it can be worth checking that it still works. A malfunctioning car horn can also result in a failed MOT test, so this is a good one to check just before your annual check-up.

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