What Problems Can a Car Mechanic Detect?

What Problems Can a Car Mechanic Detect?

Before taking your car to the mechanic, you may want to know what sort of problems they are able to help with. We’re covering this in our helpful guide.

Over the years, diagnosing cars has changed. Today’s vehicles are becoming increasingly driven by electronic technology.

Whilst this can improve performance, safety and onboard entertainment, unfortunately, electrical-based problems can sometimes be harder to diagnose than mechanical ones. However, car mechanics are armed with fault code readers which can scan your vehicle’s onboard computer systems to identify a wide range of problems.

The plus side is that electronic fault readers offer quick and accurate diagnostics for a range of common issues. From fuel supply and ignition problems to issues with your battery charging and ABS braking systems, mechanics can check for a wide range of fault codes.

  • Fuel supply systems and injectors
  • Ignition and starting system
  • Battery charging system
  • Air bag system
  • ABS braking systems
  • Camshaft and crankshaft sensors
  • Lambda and emissions monitoring

Electronic diagnostics can usually rectify problems with:

  • Difficult or poor starting
  • Erratic running of engine when idling
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Inadequate engine performance
  • Engine fault indicators

It’s not all about the electronics

Car mechanics can also perform mechanical inspections. If necessary, a technician will perform a road test or visual inspection to help verify the issue. Whatever issue you’re experiencing with your vehicle, it’s important not to delay getting certain problems detected – otherwise a small fault could turn into a much bigger (and expensive) one.

If required, more detailed tests can be carried out to get to the bottom of what’s wrong. Informing your mechanic of specific details can also help. What, where, and when are all good details to supply that could help the technician narrow down their search. For instance, if your car is making a strange noise, describing how often you hear it, whether it’s audible when you’re driving or idle, and where you think the noise is coming from could speed up the diagnosis. The more detail, the better.

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