What Does It Mean If Your Car Keeps Stalling?

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Every time you jump in the car for a drive you can’t seem to get through a journey without stalling. If this sounds familiar, keep reading. In this guide we’re looking at the common issues that could explain why your car keeps stalling.

Dead alternator

If your car stalls at odd times, it could mean you have a faulty alternator. This helps to keep your battery fully charged. If there isn’t enough electricity, the fuel injectors which transfer power to the engine may not fire properly.

Faulty coolant sensor

If the coolant temp sensor is faulty it may tell the computer that the car is warm when it’s not. The computer can then reduce the amount of fuel going into the cylinders. This could cause a cold engine to stall.

Lack of fuel

Filling up at the pump may be more expensive than usual. However, if you’ve been trying to avoid refuelling until you’re almost out of juice, that can negatively impact your car’s performance. This could cause your car to stall. A lack of fuel reaching the engine could also be a result of a leaking or faulty fuel system.

Bad fuel pump

If your car stalls when you’re accelerating, it could be a sign you have a major vacuum leak, clogged fuel filter or a bad fuel pump.

How do you fix a car that stalls?

The best way to fix a car that stalls is to get the fault investigated by a car mechanic. If you live in South Lincolnshire or Cambridgeshire, Vital Vehicle Care offers car diagnostics in Peterborough that you can rely on. You may need a part replacing or repairing – our qualified car mechanics can do this for you. Check out our car servicing in Peterborough too.

If you’re out on the road and your car stalls in an awkward spot, remember to put your hazard lights on as you try to restart your car. Pull away when it’s safe to do so. If your car won’t restart, it’s time to call for breakdown recovery.

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