Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips for Summer

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The summer is finally here, and it’s promising to be a hot one. For this reason, now could be a good time to look over your vehicle to make sure it’s prepared for use.

Not only can summer bring with it some intensive heat waves, but also many events and road trips you may have planned and need to drive for. With good forethought and reliable car servicing Peterborough, you’ll be set for the most enjoyable season of the year.

So, let’s discuss the top ten car maintenance tips for the summer!

1. Test and clean your lights

The summer offers more daylight hours, but periods of little rain can lead to dusty roads. Sometimes, this can affect the clarity and function of your lights. That’s why it’s good to check on your lights, to test them appropriately, and to clean the lenses where necessary.

2. Wax your car

For many, waxing is an optional benefit, a means of protecting the paint of their car. That said, in the midst of a hot sunny day it’s easy for your paint to fade and for the vehicle to look tired. If you care about preventing paint damage, waxing can be a great option.

3. Check your fluids

This remains an evergreen maintenance task, but it’s well worth the effort, especially if you’re planning a road trip. Making sure you have engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and even window wiper fluid levels topped up. This will ensure your car operates properly, even in the heat.

4. Check your tyres

Again, this is an essential car maintenance tip, but remember how summer can sometimes change the roads you drive on. For instance, it’s not uncommon for the summer heat to melt the tarmac on driveways and to stick to your tires. Checking their condition, especially before long trips, is important.

5. Restock your emergency kit

If your car breaks down in the middle of summer, the pressing heat can be intense. That’s why it’s important to craft a small kit you can use, such as a tire pressure gauge, extra distilled water, jump leads and a reflective triangle you can use to warn other motorists.

6. Test your brakes

Make certain your brakes work as intended. Inspecting your brake pads and replacing them if they’re worn, checking your warning lights and ensuring your handbrake is working well, especially on hills, are important.

7. Clean windscreen and check mirrors

It’s important to remember that cleaning your car isn’t just good from a visual standpoint, it helps you drive more easily. Cleaning your windscreen will help reduce glare, and in some cases, you can apply an anti-glare coating to help. With polarised sunglasses to help you, you never have to deal with limited visibility in overexposed environments.

8. Maintain your interior

As simple as it is, polishing your dashboard and interior can make sure you see the lights and symbols even in bright light. Also, it’s just more comfortable and hygienic to have a clean, tidy car in the midst of summer.

9. Dust out your HVAC vents

If your vents are a little old, you can use an air duster to blast out any accumulated dust from them. This is a two-minute job but it can help you keep your car’s air quality as clean as possible.

10. Buy an anti-glare visor

You can attach a small anti-glare visor to your sun visor, which helps prevent the reflective lights from blinding you, as discussed above. You can bet that this will be helpful in the midst of heavy traffic, helping to improve safety behind the wheel.

With this advice, and the best car servicing in Peterborough, you’ll be able to drive comfortably and safely all summer.

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