Top Signs Your Car Needs Bodywork Repairs

Top Signs Your Car Needs Bodywork Repairs

An obvious sign that your car needs some bodywork upgrades includes the onset of rust. It’s best to get this nipped in the bud before your vehicle turns into a complete rust bucket. However, there are other signs that your car should get some bodywork repairs made. We’re revealing all in our guide.


We’ll start with the more obvious and common sign that your car needs some bodywork attention. Rust forms when water and oxygen come into contact with metal. This can be avoided by making sure that your paintwork is sufficiently covering all metal parts. Also, checking the underside of your vehicle is vital – particularly if you drive in a lot of wet weather conditions.

Lots of scratches and dents

Many drivers can turn a blind eye to the odd scratch or dent, however, damage to the paintwork can result in further complications. So, it’s best to keep an eye on your bodywork and make sure that if there’s any sign of rust, you get repairs done.

Misaligned panels or gaps

Misaligned body panels or gaps can occur after an accident. It’s best to get these repaired as they act as a protective shell that keeps external elements out. You don’t want rainwater seeping through, after all.

Signs of weather damage

From hail and rain to snow and frost, all of these can cause your car to get damp. Keeping your car under cover where possible is advised. However, if there are visible signs of weather damage, it’s best to get your vehicle to the body shop.

Faded paint

Is your paint looking a little tired? The paint may have faded and lost its glossy lustre that it had when you first bought it.

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