How to prepare your car before selling it?

Getting your car in tip-top shape will ensure it’s road-safe for the new owner. It could also give it a bit of a value boost and help you sell it that little bit faster. Interested? By completing these simple steps, you could get your car off your hands sooner than you think – and not for a bad price either.

Top 4 Pre-sale Car Preparations

Get the paperwork in order

Let’s start with the paperwork. It’s boring, but essential. Your car won’t be going anywhere without it. Things like MOT certificates, service records, receipts for repairs and replacement parts, etc can all help to reassure a potential buyer.

Does your car look in good shape?

Any scratches, dents or paint imperfections could impact your ability to sell for the price you want. In the grand scheme of things, these won’t necessarily affect the performance of your vehicle. But, what they could do is put off a potential buyer. One too many scratches could indicate that the car hasn’t been well cared for – even if you are a responsible driver! If you have the budget, it could be worth fixing these.

It’s worth checking the underside of your car too. Make sure you haven’t got a hidden rust problem.

What’s on the inside matters too. Giving your car a good clean inside and out is a simple, but effective, way to make your car look more attractive and increase its sell-appeal. Whether you clean it yourself, go to your local car wash or choose a valet service, it’s entirely up to you.

Get a car service

Booking your car in for a service can help highlight any issues that could make the car unsuitable for the road or affect performance. Regular checks include:

  • Brakes
  • Oil filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Air conditioning system

If a potential buyer sees that you’re bang up to date with your car services, and can provide a clear history of all the annual checks, they will be impressed and more likely to view you as a responsible car owner. This should help remove hesitation against buying. Making sure that all the fluids are topped up can also earn you extra brownie points.

Time for an impartial valuation

Getting an impartial valuation (or several) will help you to objectively gauge how much you can reasonably charge for your car. If you present a realistic price, you’re more likely to sell it faster.

Looking for a car mechanic in the Peterborough area?

Live in the Peterborough area? Vital Vehicle Care is a trusted local car mechanic in Peterborough. If you’re preparing to sell your car, let us know. We can perform a full or interim car service and a wide range of other car services. Contact us today.

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