How To Look After Your Car And Prolong Its Life

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If you’ve just bought a new vehicle or your car has clocked up a fair few miles, we’re offering tips on how to look after your car and prolong its life. Looking after your car doesn’t have to be taxing – it’s more about adopting healthy habits from the get-go.

Get your car serviced

Getting your car serviced isn’t a legal requirement, and that’s why so many people often push it to one side. However, having a professional mechanic check over some of the car’s essential parts can give you peace of mind, prepare you for your MOT and could even prolong your car’s lifespan. You can get a full annual checkup or schedule in more regular checks.

Top up fluids regularly

Car fluids prevent the engine from overheating or parts wearing away from friction. As the beating heart of your car, it’s important to protect the engine. Remember to top up your fluids regularly and to the right levels.

Don’t neglect your tyres

The tyres are another vital component of the car – the part that connects the vehicle to the road. Before long journeys, make sure to check your tread depth and that your tyres are sufficiently inflated.

Drive smoothly

Driving responsibly and smoothly means you don’t put unnecessary pressure on your car. Try to avoid driving over potholes or rougher terrains and keep your speed down when going over speed bumps.

Find a secure home for your car

Not everyone has access to a garage on their property, but the benefits of keeping your car in a secure shelter includes keeping it dry, clean, less exposed to the elements and also reduces the risk of vandalism.

Don’t ignore issues

When you’ve got a busy schedule it can be easy to put off getting that mysterious noise or dashboard warning light checked. However, not addressing an issue as it arises could lead to further complications down the road. Nip a minor issue in the bud and your car should continue to perform well for years to come.

Get quality replacement parts

When you’re faced with a repair, it can be tempting to save money with an off-brand part. However, while you may save money in the short-term, in the long-run your replacement part may not last as long and could even cause other parts to encounter issues.

Protect against rust

Regularly cleaning and drying your car should help minimise the risk of rust building up. However, you can also opt for protective paint which gives your car far more protection against the elements.

There are plenty of checks you can do at home as well as getting the input of a professional mechanic to keep your car on top form. If you want your vehicle to be inspected, our car servicing in Peterborough can give you peace of mind and a record of any issues that need addressing. Regular car servicing alongside your MOT is a great way to look after your car and potentially prolong its lifespan.

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