How Do I Know My Car Needs a Service?

How Do I Know When My Car Needs A Service?

If you’ve just bought your first car, or you’re not in the habit of taking your vehicle for a service, we’re revealing how to know your car needs a service. It’s simpler than you think. Aside from checking when your full car service is next due, there may also be a host of warning signs, whether it’s a mechanical glitch or a performance issue while you’re out on the road.

Check manufacturer’s service schedule

If your car is still under warranty, you may need to maintain the service schedule outlined by the manufacturer to keep the warranty valid.

Once a year

Don’t forget your car should typically have an annual service booked in. While the service is not a legal requirement, unlike your MOT, it’s still part and parcel of keeping your car in good working order.

Most manufacturers recommend that your vehicle is serviced once a year or every 12,000 miles, though this varies between different makes and models. Check your owner’s manual if you’re not sure.

Dashboard warning lights

Your dashboard can also give you helpful reminders with a warning light or message. This can inform you how many miles you’ve got until your next service is due, or can even sometimes tell you if you’re overdue.

You can even see warning lights which can point to a specific issue which a car mechanic should be able to work with.

Peculiar noises

Is the soundtrack to your car journeys filled with rattling, squeaking, or ticking? If there’s no simple explanation, it may be time to book in a service to get to the bottom of the peculiar mechanical noises.

Performance issues

Are your gear changes a little stiff or clunky? Does your car vibrate? Does your car pull to one side? These are all signs something needs repairing or replacing.

Smoke or leaks

Smoke coming out of your bonnet or exhaust should always be investigated by a mechanic, as should any oil leaks.

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